How To Time Travel

Even if you can't get ahold of the advanced time travel technology that may already exist on the planet, you can discover some other unique ways to travel through time and space into the past or the future.

The mind is a beautiful thing and science and spirituality both agree that consciousness is everything; it influences the reality that we experience and gives us the ability to travel to other spaces, places and through time, and even parallel dimensions without having to leave your house and without the need for a physical time machine.

One of the best ways to experience time travel is through the art and science of lucid dreaming or through astral projection. The subconscious mind has the capactity to dream and is not limited by the physical dimension and can transcend time and space itself. One can have a time travel related experience in a regular dream but a lucid dream allows you to take full control of the dream experience itself. In a lucid dream you can jump to a different timeline in the past or the future at will.

Time travel is similar to teleportation and involves changing your time as well as your space, but you can change one without the other in the dream realm. Advanced meditation techniques can also assist you with creating the right brain wave state in order to experience time travel or another dimension of time and space through the mind.

The following are some tips and techniques on how to time travel or to induce a time travel experience during a lucid dream, astral projection or during any deep altered state of consciousness.

Prepare your mind and increase your chances of having a time travel related experience or dream. Read articles or watch videos related to time travel. Doing this will allow the visual effects and information to sink deep down into your subconcsious and program and prepare it for a time travel experience later on. Oftentimes, whatever we focus on--or absorb our emotional attention on-- throughout our waking day, tends to pop up into our dreams that very night. Engrossing yourself in time-travel related material while in a calm, relaxed, meditative or even drowsy state is especially effective for inducing a time travel related dream or experience. This technique works for inducing a dream involving any subject or experience that you'd like to have, anywhere or anytime. This is like planting seeds into the fertile soil of your mind and just waiting for them to eventually grow. It is extremely powerful when used alongside the next time travel inducing method.

Hold Your Intention strongly and firmly in your mind. You should simply hold your attention on your desired goal. First make sure you have a good idea about the specific experience you would like to have, such as a point in time where you would like to travel, an event you would like to experience, as well as the outcome you would like to have or experience. Have faith in knowing that you will time travel or have a time travel dream experience. Powerful intentions combined with a strong feeling of expectation have a very strong impact and leave a powerful impression on the subconscious mind--your dreaming mind and self.

Listen to a guided time travel audio, such as a guided meditation for inducing an altered state of consciousness or a dreamy space or space-like atmosphere. Whatever works best for you is fine. These audios can be used while meditating and holding the intention to time travel in your mind, while visualizing the experience you would like to have or just waiting for an experience to occur spontaneously as you go deeper into a dream-like state of consciousness. You may also induce an astral projection, or in some cases, an Out-of-body experience by getting into the right mind-space with the help of meditation music or specific sound frequencies such as bininaural beats or isochornic tones; these tones and frequencies are often used for inducing certain brain wave states for the purpose of hypnosis or for reprogramming the brain with suggestions--like to time travel to a specific location in time or to have a lucid time travel related dream.

Listening to an audio while you sleep by wearing headphones can sometimes cause the sounds to cross-over into your dreams. This can help to trigger a lucid dream or provide for an interesting music-infuenced landscape in your dreams.

Visualization is also a powerful tool that can be used alongside any of the previous suggestions. Guided Imagery and creative visualization techniques can help speed along these processes by helping your mind envision the end result. What you focus on during your waking state often gets programmed into our subconscious mind either intentionally, or unintentionally. The brain does not know the difference between what it sees in actually seeds in its physical environment, and what it remembers through intentional guided visualization on your part. The same neurons in your brain are firing and creating visual snapshots for your subconscious mind to process and manifest. These memories and images can be accessed at will during a dream-induced state or during a lucid dream, or can happen spontaneously in the most unsual ways.

The best kind of visualization involves being specific with the details and engaging all five of your senses in your minds eye. Take your time with the visualizations and feel it as if it is actually happening in the present time. The more your emotions are activated the more momentum and creative power your visual images and intentions will have. If you are wanting to travel to specific time in your life, or a certain point in history, then just visualize the details of the environment, including the landscape, climate, the people and objects, or anything that inspires your imagination. If there is a specific experience or outcome you would like to have in a dream or dream-induced state then visulize the events as they unfold in real-time in your inner-vision, taking as much time as you want in this timeless space. You can visualize as much as you want throughout the day. Visualization right before falling asleep are especially powerful for inducing a related dream-theme.

Meditation on a regular basis will prepare your for more mind-blowing experiences. When you are in a deep state of peace and relaxation you can travel deeper into your own mind and transcend space and time in that moment. Because when you are in a deep trance or meditative like space, you are everywhere and nowhere all at once.

You may also be having a lot of time travel related dreams but perhaps just not recalling them upon awakening. There are some good tips and techniques out there for improving your dream recall so that you can remember any time travel related experiences that you may be having each night.

Sometimes if we are able to alter an experience or situation in our dreams, a sitaution from the past or a desired future event, then we will see the alterations in our waking physical reality. One must simply pay attention to the signs and syncrhoncities that may indicate you are experiencing a different reality than previously, or that you have succesfully shifted to a different timeline.

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