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Time Travel In The Bible

H.D Wells in the later part of the 19th century peaked the interest of man about time and the ability to travel it from his book "The Time Machine". The concept has been in our minds ever since. What if it could be true? Scientists are divided with a wide varieties of opinions, theories and hypothesis on time and the chance of traveling it. There is also the strong voice of the skeptics who loudly proclaim it is impossible. These same voices once said it was impossible for the earth to be round, for humans to fly, or for a voice or picture to ever be transmitted over the air.

Perhaps the intense interest in time travel is because it is very personal to all of us. It can be said that Time is a dimension that us mortals are crrently bound to. In fact, our experience begins at birth with a progression of life and ending eventually with our death where upon we depart this linear realm--but into where? The following video is going to present to you the evidence that is found in the Holy bible about Time and the ability to travel it.

It's guaranteed that you have never heard this information behind any pulpit anywhere on this planet yet. This information will rightfully be met with skeptisism. You are invited to check this information our for yourself, and if you are a believer that you do it prayfully. If you are not a believer, then that is ok too, but please check it out on your own anyway. Regardless of where you stand if you are truly serious about wanting to know any truth you should be willing to consider all sources of this information, including a biblical one.

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Time Travel Dreams Videos