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Traveling in time with astral projection can hold a great many lessons about yourself. It can and often does reveal many things about our spiritual or metaphysical selves. That is to a great extent, largely the point of astral travel and projection.

But there's more to it than that. Astral time travel in particular will help you discover things about yourself that you never knew. It will allow your subconscious or spiritual self to enrich your waking life as well. No one knows exactly what astral travel really is or why it exists. However, it seems likely that since we all have this ability that there is good reason for it. That reason is most likely self awareness, self improvement, self fulfillment and perhaps even self actualization.

Traveling in time with astral projection is not something that will allow you to change anything dramatically. however, It will allow you to explore your past, perhaps travel back to a time that you did not know. Some practitioners report being able to visit distant times and places though not always clearly. However, most are able to explore their own past much more clearly than conventional memory would allow.

Likewise moving forward to the future timeframes can in fact help us understand how we make decisions, what motivates us and how we react to situations. It should be understood that the future cannot be modified either. Both past and future are both essentially locked out.

It's also important to note that you are not experiencing every possible form of the future. Far too many decisions and events happen for us to be sure which version is the one that will actually happen.

Nevertheless, the ability to observe gives us the ability to learn. And when we learn about ourselves, we have the opportunity to improve how we make decisions. This also allows us to make better decisions about ourselves, our lives and those around us.

This will naturally lead to better, smarter decisions in our waking life and the physical realm. Knowing how a particular decision, especially something difficult you are wrestling with will possibly affect those around you as well as yourself, may help you make a better decision.

It's also important to understand that astral projection time travel may not be the easiest thing to accomplish right away. It may take some time to accomplish so be patient if it doesn't happen as quickly or as clearly as you hope for.

With focus on meditation and repeated practice, astral projection time travel can be and will be a very unique experience for each individual. Exhilarating and dramatic experiences await you, use them to make your waking life in the physical realm better and more fulfilling.

Dalai Lumur is an Astral Travel and Projection Expert. For more information on astral projection time travel, visit www.realastraltravel.com

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