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A Guide To Astral Projection and Out-of-Body Travel

Common questions about astral projection answered and a basic guide for out of body travel including how to prepare for leaving your body, and what to expect before and during an astral projection, as well as advice and tips for exploring the non-physical worlds during your astral travels.

How To Initiate An Astral Projection (or Out-of-Body Experience)

There are a variety of techniques and methods for initiating astral projection, or an out-of-body experience. An O.B.E is essentially the same thing as astral projection since it involves the spirit separating from the physical body. The only difference being that an out of body experience often occurs accidentally (like during a near-death experience) and an astral projection involves leaving your body at will for the purpose of time traveling or exploring the various non-physical planes.

If you are able to master the art of Lucid dreaming then you can use that platform as a starting point for you Astral Projection. Lucid dreaming teaches you to keep your mind conscious while your body is asleep, thus you are awake in your dream world and able to gain conscious control over the dream.

While you are lucid dreaming your physical body is safe and in a state of sleep paralysis (this is to prevent your body from acting out anything that is occuring in the dream). During this state it is easy to separate from your physical body but it's not the only method.

You can also try setting an alarm to wake yourself up ar around 3-4 am in the morning. Stay up in your bed for about 20-30 minutes, then go back to sleep. This will often trigger a lucid dream especially if you focus on the experience you would like to have in the dream while you drift back to sleep.

There are also various audios that use specific tones and sound frequencies that will bring your mind into the proper state for triggering lucid dreams and astral projections. These audios can be listened to before falling asleep or during a meditation session whenever you plan on projecting.

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What To Expect When First Leaving Your Body

The Initial Astral Projection Experience

Before attempting to astal projection you may want to be aware of the intial experiences and sensations that accompany the beginning stages before full projection.

As you drift deeper into a relaxed state before the projection and when initially beginning to separate from your body you may experience tingling or other sensations throughout your body, or feel some pressure. You may also hear high pitched noises or other frequencies in your head and this may be accompanied by visual effects such as light flashes or static.

This is all completely normal and is a phenomenon that often occurs for everyone when they are about to fall asleep or in deep trances. But in the initial stages of astral projection right before you fully separate from your body, or once a full projection occurs, these sights, sounds and sensations may become more pronounced. Although this would mean you are achieving a successful astral projection it may cause fear in some people who are not accustomed to or experienced with leaving the body consciously this way.

The best thing to do is release the fear and remain focused. Leaving your body while in a state of fear can cause a negative astral experience and attract astral fear-vibrating muck. Fear can also prevent a full projection from taking place and strong fear or panic while projecting usually just causes you to snap back into your body. You can use protection techniques before you attempt to astral project in order to release any fear, and also for defense while you are astral traveling.

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The Dangers Of Astral Projection And Out-of-Body Travel

You can have a negative or positive experience during your astral travels, depending upon your level of projection experience and how well you are prepared for the experiences you will encounter.

When astral projecting through various planes, especially the lower planes, you will most likely encounter negative beings or entities that reside there. These lower-vibrating entities will often feed upon your energy which will eventually drain you. Although these beings can not harm you physically while you are projecting, they can cause you psychological harm that will carry over in your physical world. Not all of the entities in the lower planes have a deliberate desire to cause conflict or harm to you, but nevertheless they may still drain your energy without knowing it, or cause you to have a negative projection experience.

Your physical body is completely safe during an astral projection. Noone can take over your physical body while your spirit is away. Your have an energetic cord, called the 'astral cord' which is attached to your body and connected to your spirit and remains so throughout your projection, no matter how long you are away and no matter where you are traveling to. You can return to your body by simply willing yourself back in, or just stepping into your body when you are ready to come back.

Sometimes you may snap back into your body against your will and this can happen either if your physical body is disturbed in some way or any disruptions in the physical environment where you are sleeping. Other times, lower vibrations such as fear or panic can spontaneously end the projection and cause you to immediately snap back into your body.

While you are actual on the astral plane or exploring any other non-physical realm there is no risk of physical injury or death. As long as you stay safe while projecting you will not have to worry about dealing with negative entities or other negative beings that can cause psychological or spiritual trouble. But the actual risk of spiritual or physical death is not going to occur while you are projecting, considering that any immediate danger or harm will snap you right back into your physical body most likely.

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Advice and Tips For Protecting Yourself Before and During Astral Projection

There are various psychic self defence methods you can use for protecting yourself against these possible encounters while astral projecting.

Try to keep your vibration high by letting go of any fear that you may have, since fear is a vibration that can attract these lower negative entities. Raising your vibration while astral traveling is a lot like changing the channel on a radio. You can change frequencies by raising your vibration to Love or Gratitude.

You can also call upon your angels or guides to assist you. Do not tolerate astral bullying and remain strong in your intention and focus. Always remember to surround yourself with the White Light of Protection before traveling into the lower astral planes as well.

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How To Know When You Are Fully Projected Or Out of Your Body

At first you may feel like you are separated yet still inside your body. To rememdy this and achieve full projection you can try various techniques at this point such as imagining yourself streching up and outward. You can follow your arms outward, or even imagine yourself rolling out of your body. For some, the full projection can happen effortlessly and be achieved by simply holding the thought or intention and willfully projecting in an instant, but for others it may take a strong inner will and several attempts.

The first few times it may feel as if you are still stuck in your body or you may get a heavy feeling like you are moving through mud. Just keep going and if at first you don't succeed, try and try again. Eventually you will pass this threshold and be fully projected out of your physical body and you will have no doubt about what you are experiencing. Beginners may only be able to stay projected for a few moments before snapping back into the body, but With enough practice you should be able to stay projected for longer durations of time.

Some people believe that when they experience a dream where they are flying that they are having an astral projection. Dreams of flying are simply dreams of flying and not astral projections. But if you can master the art of these flying dreams, perhaps through ludic dreaming, then it will make it easier for you to become more skilled at flying whenever you are actually astral projecting. Practice makes perfect. In fact, anything that you can practice and become more skilled with during a lucid dream will prepare you and increase your abilities during astral projections.

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Traveling Through Space and Time During An Astral Projection

Time traveling during an astral projection is possible since in the astral realms you are not limited to a physical body, and there is no physical time to bind you to a particular point. Although learning the art of time travel through astral projection may take some 'time', practice and preperation.

Before you project you can set your intention to travel to a particular place or era in time, or even to a particular timeline within your own life. You can even travel the cosmos and to other universes or alternative realities.

Once you are astral projecting you can simply teleport to another space and time by using the willpower of your own mind. You can envision a location or time period and simply be transported there in an instant. This is the usual way to travel throughout the non-physical planes since you are not limited by actual physical time or a physical body or vehicle. Of course, if you want to travel via bus or plane, or walk around to explore a particular location then you can do that too.

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Visiting With Others While In Your Astral Body

When you are astral projecting you can project your spirit back to the physical plane and explore as much as you would like. You can also visit with people on the physical plane, although unless they are highly intuitive, they would not be aware that you are projecting there. But just like in the physical world, remember to be responsible and respect people's privacy and don't do anything creepy that you wouldn't do if you were not projecting. There are consequences to the negative things you do even while in the spirit. Once you are in your astral or non-physical body it would take a great deal of concentration to visit with someone on the physical plane and ususally requires that you have a strong mental and emotional bond with them. It's okay to visit with a loved one for the purpose of helping or healing them, or with their permission, if you have a strong intention and reason to do so, and if you are doing it from a space of love. Once you are astral projecting your priorities will usually change. Most individuals who astral project are not too interested in spying on others just for the heck of it or causing trouble, since once you project you now have access to a multitude of other fascinating worlds to explore. Although, it is a bizarre and fascinating experience to be projecting and watching your physical body as it sleeps.

When you are on the astral plane or traveling through any non-physical realm you can call upon your guides for protection or visit with them if you'd like. It's not recommended to have extended visits with your guides while you are on the lower astral planes. Raise your vibration and travel to the higher realms where the masters and guides reside. While astral projecting you can travel to realms which are specifically there for the purpose of healing or wisdom, or for gaining knowledge which can be used to alter the course of your physical life, much like dreams give us access to tools and lessons that carry over into the physical waking world.

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What You Can Do And Experience While Astral Projecting

There are so many things you can do during an astral projection experience and the possibilities are really endless. You are only limited by your imagination. When you are out of your body you can travel to any plane or place that you want, in any space or any time. If you prefer, you can stay on the prime material plane and explore your neighborhood or any distant land, monument or even visit various places on the earth in a previous or future time period. You can also move yourself up to a higher plane where spirits, angels, guides and other higher-frequency beings reside. You can chat with them or learn from them and bring this wisdom back to your physical waking life.

You can choose to move through time only as a observer so if you think you can go back and time and profoundly alter the course of world events then you are really out of luck. But traveling to different time periods within your own personal life can give you new perspective, insight or clarity about a situation and this can cause an actual mental, emotional and physical effect in the current timeline of your life. Pretty much anything that you can think of doing on the physical plane in your physical body (and with your imagination) you can do and experience in the astral or other planes. Have fun, Be Safe Enjoy your Astral Adventures!

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