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A - Z Dream Dictionary

Dream interpretions and definitions of popular dream symbols, themes and keywords, and their common meanings and associations. To analyze the general meaning of a dream, or any of its content, then determine the things or events that played a major role in the dream, such as objects, types of people, places or events. Find the keyword, or the most closely associated to it, in the list.

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To discover main or major key words in a dream, see if any strong visual images stand out, especially those that envoke powerful feelings and emotions; these can be Key dream symbols that can have meaning once they are interpreted. Also, try and recollect the commom themes or situations that occurred within the dream, and any keywords that you associate with them.


Alien: Fear of change or difficulty adjusting to changes; undiscovered aspect of self; feeling that privacy is being invaded.

Animals: Often symbolize emotions, primal instincts, needs and repressed desires. Specific animals can reflect the qualities we associate with the animal; depends on circumstances and context of dream.

Aromas: Scents are associated with feelings; pleasant scents may indicate good times; unpleasant scents may indicate a warning;

Amputation/Missing Limbs: Represents a loss of skill or fear of losing something; abandoned talents; trauma; finding excuses to withdraw from a situation; lack of motivation or feeling limited.

Accident: Warning of possible danger; hidden aggression; pent up guilt or self punishment; mistakes; may indicate fears or a need to resolve or let go of a situation from the past.

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Building/Home: A building can represent a home, business and commerce, sexuality, or your own body awareness. These dreams often are interpreted by who is in the building or what happens to the building or home.

Bridge: Represents an important decision or a critical junction in your life. It can signify the crossing or moving from one phase of life or activity to another.

Baby: Represents something that requires great care and attention; innocence, warmth and new beginnings; birth and renewal; an important responsibility.

Birds: Symbolizes one's hopes, goals and aspirations; also joy, harmony, ecstasy and love; a sunny outlook; spiritual freedom and liberation; in negative contexts may indicate dissappointments, worry and sorrow; bad omen.

Books: May indicate discontent with environment or associates; seeking to study or explore customs; represents intellect, judgment, knowledge, wisdom and the ability to grasp new or foreign ideas.

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Chasing/Being Chased: Avoidance of a particular issue or person in waking life; running from emotions or an important situation.

Clothing: Represents how you see yourself or how others perceive you; depending on how the clothing appear in the dream and any interaction surrounding it; the need to change habits or patterns; personal character.

Cooking: Pleasant duties; may signify company or a gathering of friends; in negative contexts may indicate lack of cherrfulness, harassing or disappointing events.

Crying: Symbolizes the release of negative emotions; the need to let go of fear or frustrations; a painful memory or situation that needs to be acknowledged or released; a period of grief and healing in life.help.

Climbing: Overcoming obstacles; prosperous future through effort; eventual success; goals are within reach; in negative contexts may indicate hesitancy or reservation; feeling emotionally drained.

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Drowning: Water represents emotions; can indicate a loss of some sort; a cleansing or renewing of a negative situation; feeling overwhelmed by emotions; repressed issues coming to surface; subconscious; inner turmoil; an emotional rebirth or renewal of self.

Death: Symbolizing transformation or regeneration; coming dissolution or sadness; disappointments. May indicate the loss of something to make way for the beginning of something new.

Dancing: A good omen; new friends or social activities; unexpected windfall; joy and happiness, balance; may have sexual connotations in certain contexts; love or marriage.

Deja Vu: May indicate precognition;

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Eating/food: To dream of eating alone, signifies loss and melancholy spirits. To eat with others, could denote personal gain, cheerful environments and prosperous undertakings

Elevator: Ascending in the elevator may represent gains and rising in position; Descending in the elevator may represent misfortune or discouragement.

Escape: Often an omen of good luck; a rise in professional status or fortune in business; breaking out of a mold; making progress; in a negative context may indicate that one must prepare for the worst; avoiding a responsibility or obligation.

Electricity: Represents work or vitality; there may be sudden shock or change in one's personal life; disruption of plans or anxiety; excitement or nervous energy; also symbolized spiritual power or clarification about an issue.

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Fighting: Indicates inner turmoil or conflict with another in life or with self; unresolved issues or imbalance in some area; unwillingness to change old attitudes or habits, or to take responsibility; may also relate to taking a stand, defending one's self or resisting temptation.

Fire: Spiritual purification of self; A masculine presence or energy;in positive is a favorable symbol indicating prosperity; in negative contexts may indicate a threatening situation, ruin or bad luck.

Forest: Represents the unconscious mind; natural forces and inner nature; feelings of being unsettled or insecure; May also relate to spiritual enlightenment or unexplored aspects of the self.

Flying: Depends on context and environment; a strong desire to travel; freedom; imminent danger that requires escape in negative contexts; often indicates slight astral projection/lucidity/obe in dream.

Food/Eating Food: Very common dream; a strong desire to travel or an imminent danger that requires escape.

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Garbage: Represents the need to dismiss or let go of something; releasing the past; childhood issues; the throwing away of unnecessary characteristics, habits or personal conditions; changes with many confused events and emotions.

Glass: Depends on context; broken glass signifies a break through or breaking up of something; mirrors or seeing one's reflection indicates the need to ponder and reflect on an important life situation.

Ghosts/Deceased: Strong memory of something you find difficult to let go of; unresolved issues; a warning of something (may be indicated by the context or content surrounding the apparition); something unobtainable or out of reach; feeling disconnected from life or society.

Garden/Gardening: Represents one's life as a whole; potential talents and abilities; unexpressed or unutilized in negative contexts; cultivation and ambition in positive contexts; hard work and energy.

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Hair: Relates to self image, attitude or thinking style; in negative context in may indicate poor self esteem or fear or loss; in positive contexts may represent motivation, social status; sensuality or attraction; self protection.

Hallways/Corridors: Feelings of being at a crossroads in life; indecision; self exploration; a transitional phase in life or a journey into the unknown; emotional growth or new opportunities.

Handbag/Briefcase: Depending on the context of the dream and contents of the bag, may indicate pleasure, success, fruitful efforts; in negative contexts may represent burdens or attitudes that are holding one down; Something that is hidden from self or others.

Hiding: Represents inner feelings and emotions one is hiding from the outer world; not ready to handle truth or confrontation; keeping secrets or hiding information; feelings of guilt or insecurity.

House: Depends on the context of the dream. Symbolizes the self and the soul; aspects of the psyche; security issues; family; secrets; social attitudes or past influences.

Hospital: Can be related to an actual illness or medical situation; desires to improve a life situation; self esteem issues; feeling determined to fix a problem or situation in life; making progress; life changes.

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[ I ]

Insects/Bugs: Represents annoyances; petty issues; feeling pestered or bothered by something or someone; dissatisfaction in daily tasks; uncertainty or feeling vulnerable.

Ice/Cold: May signify distress or disruptions that may involve another; holding back of something; abandonment or gloom; unforeseen events; also represents inflexibility or a ridged attitude; sometimes indicates danger.

Illness/Disease: Relates to hanging on to old ideas, negative situations or people; actual health concerns; trouble or discord with family; warning to be cautious; unexpected event.

Ignoring/Being Ignored: May represent something of high importance that may be overlooked by self or others; may indicate regrets concerning the past or involving a person; also relates to aspects of self that are being ignored or denied.

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Jumping: Indicates success in an endeavor in positive contexts, also eagerness, confidence and enthusiasm about something; in negative contexts may relate to dissappointments or recklessness; intolerable situations.

Jail/Imprisonment: May represent safety issues or fear of unknown threats; feeling indecisive or overwhelmed by choice or lack of options; inability to cope with a particular situation or person; sense of entitlement or superiority.

Jewelry/Jewels: Relates to value, pleasure and riches; inheritance or promotions; ambitions and advancement in business or personal affairs; inheritance; also relates to flattery or exhibitions.

Judge/Jury/Courtroom: Symbolized judgment and decision making; aspects of behavior or attitudes that need defending; unresolved issues; authority figures; feelings of guilt and justification.

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Key: Depending on the context may represent the uncloaking or revealing of something hidden; the solution or answer to a problem; unexpected or unforeseen events; influential friends or relations; new opportunities.

Killing: Feelings of losing one's temper or self control issues; also indicates the ending of an old habit or former way of thinking; may indicate addiction or self-loathing; aggression or depression.

Kissing: Denotes love and affection; tranquility, harmony and contentment in positive contexts; inn negative context may suggest too much involvement or feeling overwhelmed in relationships, or feeling confused.

Knife/Blades/Swords: Symbolized cutting or loss; freeing one's self from something or separation; in negative contexts may indicate aggression or failure.

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Levitation: Indicates strong emotions being expressed or hesitancy about actions; advised to keep one's feet on the ground and not get carried away;

Lamp/Light: Depends on the context or environment; in negative contexts may indicate failure or false hopes, depression, jealousy, suspicion or secrets; in positive contexts may indicate rising fortune, merit for works, domestic bliss, encouragement and sympathy.

Library/Books: May indicate discontent with environment or associates; seeking to study or explore customs; represents intellect, judgment, knowledge, wisdom and the ability to grasp new or foreign ideas.

Lost/Getting Lost: May represent the loss of something life changing; forgotten aspects of one's self or neglect; may represent the need to organize one's life or priorities.

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Music/Musical Instrument: Depending on the context/type of music may indicate harmonious circumstances, pleasure or fortune, or lack of harmony or troubles in relationship or home; relates to healing and deep emotions.

Machinery: May indicate the undertaking of a project that causes anxiety, but with favorable outcome; overcoming enemies or challenges; the building of fortune; in negative contexts may indicate loss in business or bad deals.

Mountains/Hills: May symbolize the need to overcome obstacles or struggles to achieve progress or gain clarity; success through effort;

Money: Depending on the context may indicate loss or gain; represents issues concerning power, control and competence; context may indicate how one relates to finances.

Monster: Related to feelings of being threatened, frightened or confused about a person or situation in life; may also indicate actual malevolent forces or sinister motives.

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Natural Disaster: Represents one's personal anxieties and fears; worry over unknown future or outcome of a situation; spiritually may represent a chaotic period of life or a crisis that leads to renewal or change.

Nudity: Relates to one's personal sense of self; feeling exposed or vulnerable in life; depending on the context may relate to personal feelings of shame or guilt, or anxiety about a particular person in your life; unexplored or repressed desires.

Night/Darkness: Meaning may depend on the context/environment; may relate to loss, stagnation; adversity, obstacles or setbacks in one's life; may indicate dark or hidden aspects of a situation yet to be revealed.

Numbers: Depends on the numbers since each number may represent something on its own; may indicate an important date or past/future event.

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Obstacles/barriers: May represent an important decision on one's path in life; also feelings of being closed off, limited or trapped in a life situation or with indecision that is delaying or preventing progress.

Outer Space: Relates to the imagination; the unknown in life; fresh experiences or travel to new destinations; desires for wish-fulfillment or unexpected opportunity; searching for meaning in life.

Old Age/Antique: Symbolized the past; wisdom; the need to apply learned knowledge or experience to a present situation or to utilize or develop previous skills or interests; in negative contexts it may relate to fear of the future or moving forward; feeling stuck in the past.

Oceans/Rivers/Lakes: Water represents emotions; indicates mixed emotions or a change of feelings; the passage of time; also may represent intuition; meaning may depend on conditions of the water.

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Police/Law: May represent feelings of guilt or obligation, or issues involving one's dignity, honor or status in life; may indicate uncontrolled desires; also the need to escape a situation or to seek peace.

Parade: May relate to a situation or opportunity in one's life, or one that is being passed up or overlooked; may also indicate boasting or showing off, or in some contexts, the need to take a stand.

Party: Depends on context of the dream; symbolizes socializing or social skills--or lack of them; ability to cope in tense situation; standing up for one's self or beliefs; feeling inhibited or shy.

Pain: May indicate regrets of a trivial situation; warning that one may be making mistakes; being too hard on oneself; a situation that is out of your control; may indicate actual physical pain.

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Quest/Adventure: May symbolize an actual physical journey in one's life; also may indicate the need to slow down; also caution or care involving some aspect of life to avoid loss.

Quakes (earthquakes): Relates to aspects of one's self and self control; may relate to a time of personal crisis or the shaking up of the foundation of something in one's life.

Quilts/Blankets: May represent lies or deceit in one's life; hiding or the need for protection; also may be a symbol for intimacy or uncovering a hidden aspect of one's self;

Quiz/Tests: May be literally representing an actual test or exam in waking life; fear of failure, lack of confidence or inability to advance;

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Roads: Often a symbol for one's path or destiny, or a personal goal; depending on the context/environment, may indicate pleasure, peace or prosperity; in negative contexts it may indicate inner turmoil or obstacles in the way of a desire.

Religious Symbols: Usually related to one's actual religious or spiritual beliefs; may indicate an important or life changing event or phase in one's personal life.

Running: Often related to fear, especially if being chased; a situation in life where one is feeling pressured or trapped; obstacles that must be overcome;

Royalty: Represents spiritual strength and power; extravagance or domination;

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Sex: Meaning depends on the context; often may be interpreted literally or may not be related to sexuality, but rather concerns deep emotions involving a particular person or self;

Stairs/Staircase: Often foretells good fortune, success and progress in positive contexts; in negative contexts may represent envy or unfavorable circumstances.

Sports: Meaning depends on the context/environment; represents personal responsibilities in life; success and satisfaction; the need to communicate or connect with others.

Singing: Usually a favorable dream; happiness, joy and sincerity; troubles or worries passing away; unexpected blessings on the way; unknown or unexpected outcomes.

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Travel/Transportation: May indicate actual travel in one's waking life; represents one's goals or destiny in life; issues concerning control.

Telephone: Relates to communication; an important or influential person in your life; also symbolizes the actual need to get in contact with someone in waking life, possibly from the past.

Tunnel/Cave: Represents the subconscious/unconscious mind; uncertainty about future or outcome/results of something; also may represent overcoming fears, rising above a situation or keeping faith.

Teeth: Symbolizes change; fear of losing something important; anxiety over appearance or how other's perceive you;

Time Travel: Meaning depends on the context/environment of the dream; indicates past or future hopes or fears; sometimes represents romantic or career related ideals in one's life; may also indicate aggression in some area of life or a health concern. [more about Time Travel Dreams]

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UFO: Symbolizes one becoming aware of something new, or a new aspect of self; may also indicate aspects of one's religious or spiritual life and beliefs.

Uniforms: Represents self-awareness or self-examination of one's personal or professional role in life; also feelings related to conformity to culture, rules or standards.

University/School: Often appears when one is contemplating a major decision in life; moving forward--especially in academics or career; also indicates a learning/growing or transitional phase in one's life.

Underground/Underwater: May represent a hidden, unexplored or unconscious aspect of one's self; may sometimes symbolize loss of fortune or reputation and the desire for greater security and peace of mind.

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Vacation/Voyage: Indicates either fortune and blessings or loss and fear depending on the context; may indicate an actual need for rest or relaxation.

Vault/Safe: Relates to concerns over personal boundaries; feelings of being taken advantage of; theft; keeping secrets or the revealing of something hidden.

Vegetation/Plants: Represents spiritual development and the potential for personal growth;; may also relate to femininity, fertility, pregnancy or an issue with a female in one's life.

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War: Represents personal conflict in one's waking life whether internal or external; ro parts of one's self that is in conflict with one another; a decision that needs to be made.

Water: Water in any context represents the emotions; in negative contexts it indicates emotional overwhelm, repressed emotions or fear; in positive contexts it represents emotional cleansing, renewal and releasing of fears.

Washroom/bathroom: Relates to one's primal instincts or sexuality; in negative contexts it represents feelings of lack of privacy or personal space, and repressed emotions, fear or shame; in positive contexts it represents self renewal and emotional cleansing/release, and often spiritual , purification.

Waiting: Indicates expectations one may have in their life or expectations of someone; or pressure from the expectations of others.

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X-Ray: A desire for inner knowledge of self or someone close to you; in a medical context it could indicate health concerns.


Yard Sale: Represents the use of lessons and skills from past experience; utilizing talents for productivity in a current situation.

Yard: In negative contexts reflects aspects of life that are out of control or disorganized; in positive contexts represents balance in work and social life;

Yelling/Shouting: May indicate joy, courage and triumph over a situation; foretelling of distressing news in negative contexts; in positive context may be a lucky omen; self expression and release.

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Zoo: Depends on the context and circumstances within the dream; feeling on display or caged in; memories of childhood; travel and adventure.

Zombie: Represents feeling emotionally or physically detached from people or situations; feeling helpless, overpowered or overwhelmed by forces beyond your control.

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