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Real or Imagined - Astral Projection Time Travel

Astral projection is an affective method for achieving non-physical Time Travel. It's an advanced method for time travel that allows you to access various realms through the gateways of the mind. The mind itself is beyond time and space. Astral Projection is somewhat of a natural phenomenon that often occurs when we are sleeping without our conscious awareness. Just like psychic ability, we were all born with the skills to do it, but as we grow older we tend to lose the ability to access preform abilities at will. Astral Projection may be natural for some, while others may just need a little bit of dedicated faith and practice. There are also some time-tested techniques that come easily help you achieve astral projection.

There are many different realms to travel to. The astral planes are vast and almost impossible to describe without experiencing it for yourself with fullconscious awareness. The Astral Plane can be divided into 5 distinct realms, or sub-planes. In no particular order, these are: the Realm of Spirit; the Realm of Time; the Realm of the Cosmos, or Space; the Realm of Intellect and Wisdom, or guidance; the Realm of Spirituality. It's also believed that each realm has many more levels that are distributed upward all through each realm.

It is said that there is a gateway present in the initial astral planes that open us up to the other astral realms. There are many more gates, such as the gate of time, the gate of the cosmos and the gate to the spiritual planes. If an individual wishes to travel to some other space or time through astral projection, it is recommended for a beginner to astral projection to simply observe your surroundings at first. This is of course the case with any type of astral projection and not just astral projection time travel. When we become passive observers during the initial astral experiences we can learn a lot about the universe and the entire world around us before we attempt to affect any kind of actual change.

Once you are comfortable with astral projection and familiar with the various planes through experience, you can bring yourself to the realm of 'present time', where past and future meet into one single point in timelessness. This is where you can explore and broaden your journey. If you wish to journey to other periods of time, either past or future, you must do so via the gate of time after passing through the original astral gate. If you are wanting to explore the future then it's important to keep in mind that it may not be the only conceivable course of events, or timeline. There may be a multitude of timelines directed into your future, but when you are time traveling through the astral planes you are traveling to a single possibility, or timeline.

Because there are an infinite number of individual choices and activities that occur in the present moment, there are multitudes of possible future timeframes to visit. Astral projection time travel can take you on a specific journey one frame at a time, giving you direct access to one particular timeline only.

All journeys by default start in the realm of the present and that is exactly where you will return when you are finished exploring specific time lines or time periods. The additional realms are open for you to explore at any time as well. Concentrate on the essentials when you are first starting out. Meditation is a powerful and effective way to reach the astral gateway quickly. From this point onward you can investigate the other realms once you become more skilled.

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