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Dream Symbolism, Meaning and Interpretation

Dream interpretation is a fascinating subject to explore. The dream world has it own language, and that is the language of symbols. Interpreting the symbolic meaning of our dreams can provide us with deep insight our lives. Dream symbols can vary in their meanings and each symbol can be interpreted differently depending on the context of the dream.

When you learn to analyze the symbols of your dreams, you begin to realize that your dreams are always speaking to you in a way, trying to convey to you, the best solution to whatever problem you are going through.

Many people tend to think of dreams as something which has no value or meaning. Oftentimes when a person has a dream that they do not understand, they dismiss it as being irrelevant, or nonsense. But this is not so! Dreaming and the various symbols that appear in dreams are designed to help you to delve a little deeper into yourself, and often interpreting the hidden meanings take a little exploration and understanding. Your dreams communicate with you using symbols to convey an entire story and often they even contain messages or guidance. Dreams can be used as a tool to provide you with powerful information and insight, awakening you to a higher aspect and deeper understanding of yourself.

Many Dream Dictionaries provide a standard or simple meaning to each dream symbol. This can help give a person a general idea of what a particular dream or dream symbol might mean. For a dream symbol to have valuable meaning it must be based on something rational or understandable to the one who dreamed it. The context in which the symbol appears and other specific details about the object must also be considered. This will allow the dream itself to be interpretated properly and the dreamer can effectively gain insight from the dream to apply in their life.

Some dream symbols have a collective meaning and can be interpreted objectively based on its common association and the way most people relate to it, while other Dream Symbols are more personal. Personal associations to a particular dream symbol can be used to add further insight into a dream scene. For example, a dream about water will have a common symbolic meaning to most people since they may all relate to it in a similar way; but for some individuals, a dream of water can take on an extra dimension of meaning depending on their personal association with water or an event concerning water within their personal life.

The content of dreams can be compared to a jigsaw puzzle or a mosaic work of art. The dreamer of the dream themselves is usually the only one capable of recognizing certain symbols and understanding their meaning within the context in which they appear. Someone else interpreting your dream may not necessarily have a sense of what a particular dream symbol may mean to the dreamer on a personal level. The emotional responses and other sences that appear alongside any dream symbols can also add to the interpreation of a particular dream and give added meaning to the symbol.

A particular dream image or symbol may have multiple meanings for you, and through that meaning, and that one symbol, you can gather an entire meaning, an entire story. The symbols by themselves should be viewed as an important part of the full puzzle of the dream. The more you understand what a particular symbol may mean to you, the more you will understand what the dream itself may be trying to show you or teach you.

keeping a consistent record of your dreams is an excellent way to begin interpreting dreams in a more personal way. Keeping a Dream Journal will help you to discover patterns and recurring symbols that appear in your dreams over a period of time. Understanding your dreams in this way will benefit your dream interpretation as a whole.

Dreams can contain symbolic representations of what we are experiencing in our life, or even about things we may experience in the near future. Characters and objects that we encounter in the dream can often symbolize the different aspects and characteristics of ourselves. How we feel about a dream, and the emotions we experience during the dream will usually reveal and conveys much about the meaning of the symbols. Dreams and the interpretation of dream symbols hold much importance and opportunity for our self growth, improvement and self discovery.

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