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Dreaming Of Time Travel

Having a time travel related dream can be fairly common or unusual, depending on the context. The dream events may unfold in another historical era of time, or the setting shift from the past or the future timelines, involving people from your past or past events, or even Precognitive Dreams of the future. The dream may involve an actual time machine or other devices such as a flying carpet or space craft, or flying through time and space via some other non-physical means of transportation.

These time travel dreams often represents the hopes or wishes we attribute to moments other than the present time in our lives. The dream may also represent a past, present or future romance or our ideas about romance. You may dream of a past situation or time period where there is a subconscious desire to alter or influence certain events.

If you dream about going backwards in time to the past, it usually interpreted as a dream of romantic-wish fulfillment. Dreams of the past can often signify or involve themes of heroism, morality, nobility or aspects of social life that we admire or feel connected to in some personal way. it is not unusual for dreams of the past to involve steretypical character roles or scenes involving royality or a person of prestige, a pioneer or trailblazer, a hero or villian, a knight or damsel in distress, or other archetypes which may be a facet of your personality you wish to tap into.

Time travel related dreams into the past can also represent actual time periods throughout history that you resonate with or relate to in some way, perhaps even having a past life experience in that particular time line. Dreams of time travel into an unknown future can involve romantic or passionate ideals or actual physical dreams or goals that you wish to attain in the future.

Time travel dreams may also occur when you have recently been thinking about a past or future event, or if you have recently met someone from your past, or if you are concerned with a past event and its current influence on your life. There may be a situation in your past that you wish you could go back to and change, and often this can appear metaphorically in the time travel dream as well.

Some time travel dreams can be more sci-fi in nature or involve intense situations or energies. A time travel related dream that seems 'out of the world' or that involves actual flying through space and time may possibly indicate that you are experiencing an Astral Projection or out-of-body experience. You can also practice Lucid Dreaming to deliberately influence a dream experience and travel to different timelines while dreaming.

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