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How To Time Travel in Your Dreams

The following are some common techniques and methods that can be used for experiencing time traveling during a lucid dream. First you will have to be familiar with the concept of lucid dreaming and the various tips and techniques for lucid dream..

During a lucid dream you are able to gain a degree of control over the dream content and even alter it at will. In a lucid state you will have the freedom to travel into any past or future timeline through the gate of the subconscious mind in your dream world. In your dream world you are not confined to the limited laws of physics and the sky is certainly not the limit. Time traveling in your dream-state allows you to transcend time and space, and even travel to other galaxies or parallel universes.

Once you are able to become lucid within a dream you can build an actual time machine. Your dream-space time machine can have all the bells and whistles that a time machine should have or you can get creative and use a phone booth just like Dr. Who. You can simply use a car or a plane in order to time travel as well. A plain brown cardboard box could even be your time machine if you will it so in the dream.

Building a time machine in your dream works because it adds an element of believability to the dream and helps you focus on your intention to time travel. When you're ready to use your time machine in the dream it may take you to random places at first. You can play around with it a bit and learn to program your time machine to take you anywhere you want, including to a specific point in the past or foward into a future timeline.

During a Lucid Dream try walking through a door or entrance way. This is a simple and symbolic method for time traveling in a dream. You can imagine a doorway of any kind and know that when you walk through it to the other side that you will be in another time or space. Using windows, caves or other spaces where you can enter and exit again can be just as usefull as a time travel portal in your lucid dream. You can train your mind to use the same door or entrance in each lucid dream you experience whenever you are wanting to travel through time.

Another technique you can use in a lucid dream to time travel is to speed up or reverse time in the dream. This can work especially well with calendars, watches or clocks that manifest in your dream environment. For some it may be easier to fast foward in time rather than to reverse it, which can take some practice. You can actually watch the time changing around if you can maintain focus in the dream by concentrating on the clock, watch or calendar and using your imagination and intention to turn the dial or the pages to the future or past. Working with smaller block of time instead of larger spans of time work a lot better.

It can be extremely beneficial to think about the specific time period you would like to visit before you go to bed. You can focus strongly on your intention using visualization, affirmations or meditation in order to guide yourself into a deeper state of cosnciousness in preparation for your experience. You can also use various techniques and methods to increase your chances of having a lucid dream that night. You may or may not travel to your intended time or place but you may end up somewhere much better. With enough practice thuogh, you should be able to train your mind to jump to any timeline you prefer in your dream at will.

When you are in the midst of a lucid dream experience it can also work to simply visualize your desired location or time period and be instantly taken there. This may require practice or you could be a natural. The better you get a lucid dreaming the easier it will be to time travel on command to specific locations whether in the past, present or future.

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