Time Travel Through Dreaming
Dream Traveling Through Time


Dreaming and Different Types of Dreams

Here are the many common types of dreams and their meanings, and how you can use them to your advantage and work with them to empower yourself.

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Daydreaming is a state of consciousness that is between sleep and wakefulness. Humans tend to daydream for an average of 75-125 minutes per day, off and on at various times. Daydreaming occurs when we let our imagination carry us away. This is often referred to as 'staring into space'.In a way, during a daydream you are temporarily 'out of the body' and traveling mentally and emotionally to another time and place. As your mind begins to wander your level of awareness of your present physical surrounding decrease. You lose yourself in your imagined scenario. Daydreaming is often considered the same as fantasizing. Daydreaming can even be done deliberately as a form of creative visualization or during meditation. There can be many benefits to controlled daydreaming and meditative natural daydreaming as well.

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False Awakening

A False Awakening is an experience that occurs when you think you have woken up from sleep, but you are actually still asleep and merely dreaming about waking up. It can be a bizarre experience and sometimes a bit scary to some people, as it can feel as if you are actually stuck in the dream. A false awakening will involve a very realistic dream experience of getting up and going about your daily morning routine, only to wake up 'again' and realize that what happened was just a dream. This false experience of waking up can sometimes occur several times in a row before you are finally wake up for real. Sometimes false awakenings occur while one transitioning between the dream and waking state.

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Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreaming is the experience of realizing that you are dreaming while you are still asleep. It is as if you have 'woke up' during the dream. While you are dreaming you may suddenly have an 'aha' moment of awareness that what you are experiencing is not real and that it must be a dream. Often this happens when you are aware of something unrealistic or out of place within the dream. In a lucid dream you are aware that your physical body is still asleep. The experience of knowing you are in a dream while you are in often results in you physically waking up. But with practice you can stay lucid within the dream without awakening and influence and control the dream itself--the sky is the limit! Lucid dreaming can be beneficial because it allows the individual to confront issues within their dream world and it's also a lot of fun to explore and interact within the dream while knowing there are no physical consequences. [Inducing Lucid Dreams]

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A Nightmare is a dream that is disturbing or traumatic in some way. One will usually awake from the dream feeling anxious or frightened. Nightmares are often the subconscious mind's response to a real life trauma or an upsetting situation that you are ignoring or refusing to accept. Reoccurring nightmares can sometimes involve deep-seated emotional or mental issues from the past that have been repressed, or the result of an intense fear or phobia in life that is causing major stress. The nightmare will usually stop once the actual fear in waking life is consciously acknowledged or confronted. Cultivating the skill of lucid dreaming can be a solution for nightmares because it allows the dreamer to confront the fear head on in their dream, and often the results will carry over into waking life.

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Repeating Dream

A Recurring/Repeating Dream is a a dream that repeat themselves from time to time. Often the repeating dream will have slight variations in the story or theme, but the esense of the dream itself occurs more than once. Sometimes weeks, months or even years pass between the repeating dreams. These dreams may sometimes be positive, but nightmarish dreams with similar content commonly tend to occur more than once. A Reoccurring dream is often the subconscious' way of urging us to 'wake up' to face a particular issue consciously in waking life. Once you find a resolution to the problem the recurring dreams will cease. Dream scenarios that repeat may also be related to past life memories or parallel lives in other timelines.

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Healing Dream

A Healing Dream often involves a message for the dreamer that relates to their health and well being. Dreams such as these can help us to avoid potential health problems, or assist us in healing when we are physically ill or grieving over a situation in life. Some healing dreams may be precognitive or come with warnings before a physical issue is about to occur. Heeding the advice or message in the dream can assist us in preventing the issue from occurring. The body is able to communicate with your mind through dreams, and often the body will signal the mind that something is not right even before any physical symptoms actually show up. Often dreams of this nature may involve a bit of interpretation by understanding the language of dreams symbols in order to inform, advise and heal you.

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Prophetic Dream

A Prophetic Dream is also known as a precognitive or psychic dream. These dreams may foretell the future or may reveal a possible outcome to a particular present life situation. Your dreaming mind may be able to piece together bits of information from your daily observations, info that you may normally overlook consciously or that you may have not considered. Your unconscious mind often knows what is coming before you can consciously piece together the same information. Prophetic dreams can be labeled as such especially if the dream scenario actually occurs in the future. Precognitive dreams may also bring a message or warning, or involve information that serves as an answer to a question we have asked in our waking life. Dreams that help us to solve problems or make decisions in waking life are often called Signal Dreams.

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Epic Dream

Epic Dreams are also referred to as Great Dreams, Numinous Dreams and Cosmic Dreams. They are powerful and compelling dreams that are so vivid you can't seem to ignore them. These are the kind of dreams that may linger on your mind throughout your day and that you are eager to share with others. They may be unusual or bizarre, and often filled with many details. Often these dreams can even remain stuck in your memory for years to come, and when you recall them it is as if you'd just dreamt it last night. When you wake up from an Epic dream you may feel as if you have discovered something profoundly amazing about yourself or the world. These dreams can be life changing and are sometimes rich with beauty and contain much archetypal symbology.

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Progressive Dream

A Progressive dream involves a sequence of dreams that continue over a period of many nights. The dream may even continue where it left off from a previous night. Continuous dreams such as these can help us to solve problems in our life. They may help us to explore different options that we are weighing over an issue or provide us with various ways to approach a problem, situation or relationship with another. Sometimes progressive dreams can occur in a single day, often happening more commonly when we wake up and then roll over to fall back asleep. The dream may continue where it left off moments before, playing out like a movie, sometimes with minor variations in the details.

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Mutual/Shared Dream

A Mutual Dream occurs when two people have the same dream. These types of dreams are often called shared dreams. There may be variations in details of each person's dream, but the similarities between the two dreams can be uncanny. Mutual dreams can be planned when two people actively work together to achieving one specific dream scenario or have a strong intention or goal in mind when attempting to sleep and dream at the same time. Other times it just happens spontaneously when you find out another person has had the same dream on the same or a different night as you. Shared dreams such as these can indicate that a strong bond exists between these two people, and there may be elements of telepathy involved as well.

Types of Dreams and their Meanings (Part 1)

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