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Types of Dreams and Their Meanings

Here are the many common types of dreams and their meanings, and how you can use them to your advantage and work with them to empower yourself.

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Dreams come to us bearing very valuable gifts. Dreams bring us guidance and can help us to solve problems and get answers that we seek. Particular dreams can be like a magical formula which can be used to help create the reality that you want. Dreams can be wild and mysterious; they can also be informative, inspiring, predictive, therapeutic, cleansing, regenerating and healing.

The mechanics of dreaming is multi-faceted; there are many layers, purpose and meanings to dreams and interpreting dreams is a very personal experience. There are also different types of dreams that have different purposes, and they can assist us in many different ways.

There are some telltale signs within each type of dream that can help you discern what its purpose is. Different types of dreams assist us in different ways; they can help us process information, release negativity, embrace are shadow side, break through limitations, predict the outcome of events, guide us on our life path and can be a doorway for our higher self to communicate with us and provide us with self-empowerment to aid us manifesting our dreams in waking life.

Dreams in general present us with important messages from the subconscious mind. They are based on your thoughts and experiences from the day before, and sometimes memories from long ago. The unconscious mind releases repressed fears, anxieties and desires through conceptual imagery - the coded language of the subconscious brain. Everybody in the world has normal dreams every single night. Dreming is essential to our survival and being deprived of dream sleep can lead to physical and mental illness.

Normal Dreams:

Normal dreams are just your average and typical dream with nothing necessarly out of the ordinary. Most of these dreams are forgotten.

Normal dreams are the mind's way of clearing out unwanted information. Usually the content of these dreams will reflect the previous day or past few days. The settings, characters or small details of the dream may be made up of bits and pieces of superficial events or details from your previous day. For example, if you spent the day playing a video game, it's likely that you might dream about something related to the game at night. Normal dreams are purely a reflection of what you'd been doing or experiencing (sometimes thinking about) during the day and usually no interpretation is needed. Normal dreams merely filter out information you've stored throughout the day that may have no extra special meaning or use.

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Processing Dreams:

These dreams are often just a replay of the events of your daily life. These dreams are a way for our subconscious minds to digest the billions of bits of information that we are exposed to and bombarded with all day. These types of dreams help us to tie up loose ends and can provide us ideas and ways in which we can resolve conflicts in our waking life. Although these dreams can sometimes seem tedious they can give you a great advantage, much like a rehearsal before a play.

Think of these dreams as your personal after-hours assistant who helps to clean up the clutter of your mind and organize important aspects of your day to day events and activities. Analyzing these dreams will help you to find solutions to problems and may give you answers to questions that you have posed throughout the day. When you are unsure about a decision you have to make or a situation in your life---just seep on it!

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Venting Dreams:

Venting dreams usually come in the form of nightmares; they often bring anxieties and fears up to the surface to be faced and resolved. Dreams such as being chased, failing a test, falling, or any dream that involves a situation that is unwanted or stirs up any negativity you may be experiencing in your life. These types of dreams can actually help you get ready for important opportunities that may be coming your way. These dreams often come with advice for us to heed and urge us to be cautious. They also help us to release limiting or harmful beliefs that may be blocking our creativity and passion, urging us to let go of the old to make way for the new.

Before something can be healed it must be brought to one's attention in order to be acknowledged and understood. So these dreams often bring up old or repressed emotional issues to the surface in order to be cleared and healed. They may involve deep-rooted issues from our past or concerning important, life-changing events in our lives, or anything connected to our deepest hopes or fears.

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Integration Dreams

These type of dreams usually involve a dream character other then yourself acting out in an unusual, extreme or bizarre way. These dreams are often teaching us that the characteristics or behavior of the individual in the dream is also a vital aspect of our own self-as disturbing as they may seem depending on the dream. By embracing these fragmented aspects of ourselves--whether negative or positive--we can become more integrated with who we are as a whole. Oftentimes, when we are judging an aspect of another person we are actually judging ourselves in a way. When some characteristic or behavior of another person stands out, it often reflects that very same aspect of ourselves--whether negative or positive.

There may be a similar part of ourselves that we secretly dislike, hope for, or are unwilling to acknowledge. By embracing these traits and characteristics about others in the dream we may become more accepting of ourselves in the process, along with feeling more grounded and whole as a result.

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Breakdown/Breakthrough Dreams

These dreams are usually memorable because they involve a traumatic experience or situation. Dreams of natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes, apocalyptic type dreams that seem to come straight out of a science fiction novel; they may also involve deaths or a crisis type situation. They may invoke powerful and often more negative emotions. These dreams indicate that there are great changes on the horizon and can often appear during times of transition in waking life. If you are a creature of habit who tends to cling to routine then these dreams may be helping you to loosen up and break out a limiting mold or self-destructive pattern of acting or thinking.

These dreams often guide us to be prepared for what's next and to embrace the changes that may be coming our way, since change is an inevitable part of the life adventure. They urge us to stop and examine things more carefully or to 'wake up' from our waking life slumber and re-evaluate a present situation that may be holding us back or preventing forward growth.

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Recurring Dreams

These are dreams that you have more than once or involve repeating scenarios. The purpose of repeated dreams are to deliver a message to the conscious mind, one that will enhance your happiness and well being should you choose to embrace the message. Often these dreams your life mission or are concerned with something that needs to be accomplished in your waking life. Whatever the message may be, the dream involving it will often repeat itself from time to time until the message is acknowledged or action is taken in life.

Often the repeated dream involves situations or experiences that need to be decoded first before understanding its true meaning. Pay attention to the clues. The recurring dreams may involve negative or positive feelings and can be associated with corresponding life events or situations needing our attention--sometimes involving deep-rooted issues that have been weighing on your mind, or issues that you have buried deep within yourself but that still need to be brought to the surface and consciously acknowledged.

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Precognitive Dreams

These are dreams that often come true. Often the dreams involve a prediction or possible outcome of a situation and can provide insights into a situation that you would not ordinarily receive consciously while awake. They can reveal a glimpse into the future. You can never be sure if a dream is prophetic unless it actually plays out in real life but there are some clues to determine if such a dream may be precognitive. You may dream of people, places or situations that are extensions or possible outcomes of what is currently taking place in your life.

A precognitive dream may be a warning of a possible negative outcome to a situation, but at the same time it can provide us with the opportunity to change the situation in our waking lives in order to prevent the negative outcome or change the circumstances involved. Positive precognitive dreams work the same way by merely revealing only a possible outcome or timeline available to us from our current perspective or situation, and often action or a change or attitude in our waking life is required at this point for the dream to stop repeating.

Prophetic dreams are much the same in that there is often a message to be heeded that involves a life lesson. Make these dreams part of your conscious reality by writing down the contents or revealed message and recalling or reflecting upon in often in your daily life for more insight.

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Wish-Fulfillment Dreams

Like a genie in a bottle, a dream involving a wish fulfilled helps align you with your heart's desire and will resonate with your soul. Like attracts like. When you move in the direction of a dream that involves something you desire you draw it closer to manifesting in your waking life. By recalling and focusing on the dream contents as if they are already a reality, and taking positive action towards it as well. These type of dreams set the stage for things to come but they require are participation. Wish fulfillment dreams may involve ideal situations or outcomes that you wish for in waking life, and they may also provide information and insight into a conflict you are having.

Your subconscious mind cannot discern between actual events that are taking place in your waking life, and that which is merely imagined via visualization or mental imagery, therefore wish-fulfillment dreams may actually create an energetic map or guiding blueprint that can lead you from where you are currently in life, to where you would like to be.

Different Types of Dreams (Part 2)

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